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Industry Expertise in Marketplace App Development

Gsquare offers Ecommerce Marketplace Platform Solutions that suit the needs of diverse businesses prevailing in the market.

Build Marketplace App that Works for All Types of Businesses


Business to Business

Get the competitive edge over your competitors. Build a marketplace app to power up your online presence with our reliable ecommerce solutions for your business.

Subscription-Based Model

Business to Customer

Launch your business online with a responsive, quick, and SEO-optimized ecommerce website. Enjoy feature-rich iOS and Android eCommerce mobile apps along with a progressive web application.


Customer to Customer

With our robust Ecommerce Marketplace Platform solutions, we help you in providing a trustworthy and reliable platform for customers to enjoy your services/products.

Marketplace Solution

Peer to Peer

Our reliable app development team helps you to create marketplace solutions for successful P2P businesses. No third-party interaction, just pure business.

Marketplace Solution

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

We offer multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace software that allows multiple retailers to set up their stores online and reach out to their targeted audience without any hassle.

Marketplace Solution

eCommerce & MCommerc

eCommerce & mCommerce app development that targets better conversion and retention rate. Monitor customer retention and detailed analytics easily in one place for better business.

Technology & Solution Architecture

Gsquare Web Technologies Pvt.Ltd relies on a robust cutting-edge technology stack, high customizations, and robust third-party integrations to power up your next-gen food delivery app solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gsquare relies on a robust cutting-edge technology stack, high customizations, and robust third-party integrations to power up your next-gen food delivery app solutions.

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce marketplace app?

Answer: The online marketplace mobile app development process is complicated. Since concluding one fixed price would be difficult, you will need to consider different factors, like time, features, complexity, technology, location, and a few others to discover the final cost to develop the eCommerce marketplace app.

Will I be able to check the details of every order?

Can I customize my eCommerce marketplace app?

Do I have the option to track my earning details using my ecommerce marketplace app?

How long does it take to build an ecommerce marketplace app?

End-to-End SaaS Suite Across Different Industries

Our readymade custom on-demand app and web development solution works well across a wide range of industries. With 10+ years of learning and experience, we have incorporated top of the line features like real-time tracking, route optimization, fleet personalization analytics & reports, live chat support, and more.

Why prefer our Online Ecommerce Development Solution


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Development & Customization

A Brand new app with various options for latest features, integrations and improvements.

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Save Time & Money

App developers solution to save Time and Money at the same moment.

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Your own replica

You can get your ecommerce app in your own style and can sell your products in multiple ways.

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Stay Compliant

Get knowledge of all the standard rules in your region.

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Native Experiences

Our solution includes native ordering app for iOS and Android for smooth experiences.

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Amazing UI/UX

Our solution provides amazing designed for an intuitive experience.

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Go Global

We provide our clients with innovative, flexible and customisable payment solutions.

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Powerful and extendable

Our solution provides powerful technology for an expandable ecommerce ordering platform.

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Full Support

We will work closely with you from finalizing the solution requirements to post launch support.

Technology & Solution Architecture

With Gsquare Web Technologies ,you can choose the best features and functionality to showcase your products and run your business on a platform that can boost you instead of holding you back.

What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

A platform which connects buyer and sellers/vendors at one place is called a marketplace. Traditional eCommerce stores have only shop owner and customers.

But in an online marketplace, there are a couple of other entities –

  • Marketplace owner
  • Vendors/Suppliers (in case of B2B)
  • Customers
  • Logistics and warehouse manager (In case of Big marketplaces)
  • Shipping provider

There are others as well, like dispute manager (in case of refund and returns).

How to create an online marketplace?

As per the previous discussion, you may imagine that “creating an online marketplace is not an easy task right? ” Well, not really.

Thanks to the open-source and FREE eCommerce platforms, it becomes easy to build a marketplace.

Selling online not only helps to plot a giant selling gameplan but also helps retailers or suppliers to establish a continuous relationship with their customers to provide them a seamless buying experience from anywhere including web and mobile.

Create an Online Marketplace

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