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Digital marketing is the best way to drive traffic to a company’s website. A b2b strategy will allow you to reach more potential customers and also make it possible to track data and performance to confirm the plan’s success.

Five tips for digital marketing in manufacturing

Digital marketing is a smart investment, especially if the goal is to reach new customers and increase turnover.

It is important to be able to identify the direction you want to go and what tools to use to avoid wasting your budget.

It is therefore a good idea to hire a digital marketing agency if the company does not have a digital marketing specialist. They will be able to assess the needs and create a b2b marketing strategy that can achieve the set objectives.

Here are some tips to help you get familiar with the most used b2b marketing tools. These will also serve as the foundation of your strategy.

Use the power of Email marketing

What is the definition of an email marketing strategy? Email marketing can be a powerful tool to promote your products and services to potential customers. Engagement will be increased by sending a personal newsletter with engaging content each week.

Here are some suggestions:

  • If you don’t have one, create one and send some of your most popular articles to it.
  • Share a case story that shows how the company helped one customer solve a problem or achieve his goals.
  • Create a video that shows how to use a product/service
  • Promote a new product or service every month from your company’s catalog

Promote and create useful content

Content Marketing is a cornerstone of any b2b digital strategy.

There are many types of content.

  • Blog articles
  • Video
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Guides
  • Webinars

Each format serves a different purpose, response to a specific need, and always provides useful information to prospects. It also tells some information about the company.

You can use corporate storytelling to build trust and maintain it over time. It involves telling the story of the company’s history, mission, and values.

Incorporate calls to action with pop-ups

To get new valid leads, and add them to the database, users need to leave their data. This will allow them to become real contacts.

It is one of the best ways to get users to give personal information. It allows you to create pop-ups or calls to action which contain a form or refer to its compilation.

Potential customers must be given a compelling reason for filling out the form. This could include a free guide, access to a webinar, or a simulation.

  • Calculating the savings allows you to simulate the savings made
  • “Request for a quote” refers only to a landing page that contains a form to request a free quote.

Additionally, the popup at the bottom of the page refers to downloading the free guide for meal vouchers. Clicking on the button “Download Now” will take the customer to a landing page where he can download the document. However, he must leave his data.

To ensure users take the desired action, they must be able to see and hear the pop-ups and calls to action.


SEO is another important aspect of digital marketing. Potential customers search Google and other search engines when they are looking for information on a product or service.

SEO is a search engine optimization that increases the likelihood of your company appearing in the first results.

It is not enough to identify keywords that are relevant to your industry and forcefully insert them on your site. This activity requires deep knowledge and the ability to monitor the strategy’s progress to determine if any adjustments are necessary.

To ensure that the tools are being used correctly, it is important to consult a specialized Digital Specialist.

Make smart use of social media

In the case of B2B, social media like Facebook and LinkedIn should also be considered in digital strategy.

This is why sharing posts and sponsoring ads randomly are not sufficient. It is crucial to consider an ad-hoc strategy that plans organic and paid publications based on the goals to be achieved.

Each channel has its own rules, and it is important to understand and follow these rules to attract potential customers.

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