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What Are The Battery Issues In Gaming Laptops 2023

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Laptops are temperamental devices. It’s only natural that they occasionally encounter issues because trying to accomplish what a PC tower accomplishes in a small fraction of the area is no easy task. In particular, this is true with best gaming laptop under 800.

Because there is so much activity, your best gaming laptop under 800 will have a hard time providing the power that all of your components require, which is why the batteries drain so quickly.

The fact, however, is more nuanced than simply stating that “the more you use it, the faster it drains,” as is the case with everything computer-related. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of 10 precise causes for the rapid battery drain on your gaming laptop.

Why Your Gaming Laptop Battery Discharges So Quickly

There are a number of causes for the rapid battery drain on your best gaming laptop under 800. The following 10 are the most typical:

  • faulty software.
  • running an excessive number of background processes.
  • doing intensive game play.
  • Lack of adequate battery ventilation.
  • playing with an excessive brightness.
  • incorrect system settings being used.
  • having too many accessories and peripherals.
  • being overly connected online.
  • Allowing your battery to continuously fall below 20%.
  • Not removing the included bloatware from your laptop.

A handful of these ten factors may be present in combination as the cause of your laptop battery draining quickly. Below, we’ve broken down each one to help you determine whether that’s the issue you’re having and, if so, provide some potential solutions.

Remember that a battery might deplete quickly for a variety of other causes as well. If none of these seem to be the problem, think about buying a new battery completely. Something as simple as old age can cause your battery to struggle to maintain a charge.

Corrupted Firmware

Firmware that is faulty is uncommon. But it’s not impossible. The performance of your battery should be the least of your concerns if you experience something like a corrupted BIOS. This may obstruct your laptop in ways you never even imagined. In the worst situation, it might even cause your hard drive to become corrupt and lock you out of your computer.

Your best gaming laptop under 800 firmware can become corrupted in a number of ways, which means there are numerous ways to attempt to repair it. This is probably not the cause of your problems with phantom battery drainage because, in general, you’ll be able to tell if your computer is corrupted.

Too Many Background Tasks

It should be rather clear what this means. The more programmes you have open, the more power your laptop consumes. Additionally, this goes beyond simply having apps open in the background. It may be as simple as using Chrome instead of the power-efficient Microsoft Edge or opening too many tabs.

You should attempt to address this issue before the others on this list because it is one of the most frequent causes of your laptop battery depleting quickly. Background processes are easy to recognise. Close any unused applications that are open at the bottom taskbar. This covers services like Discord and Steam.

However, a lot of these apps continue to drain your battery life after you close them. The task manager must be used to end such apps. Remove any running apps that you don’t need while in your task manager. Anything that can run when you don’t want it to, from Windows Explorer to Adobe Creative Cloud, will drain your battery.

Playing Games Of High Demand Hard drivers

As a general rule, the more difficult it is for your laptop to operate, the quicker the battery drains. High-performance games and background processes both drain battery as a result of this.

Cyberpunk may cause your best gaming laptop under 800 from 2014 to burn out if you try to run it at its highest graphics setting. You’re making your gear work harder than it should, consuming more battery power so that each part can keep up.

This is an age-related issue that will only worsen as your laptop ages. More complex hardware is needed to run newer games, thus your laptop may have an arbitrary best-by date. Running new games at low settings will help you avoid taxing your CPU and GPU by preventing battery drain, but updating your hardware is the only other option.

Too Hot Battery

If you’ve ever sat in bed with your laptop on your lap, you’re all too familiar with this problem. Laptop batteries frequently become quite hot, especially when the charger is plugged in. Your battery could suffer greatly from this lack of ventilation. Not only will it cause your battery to discharge more quickly, but it may also reduce the amount of charge it can initially store.

In general, especially after continuous use, your best gaming laptop under 800 fan needs a little assistance in cooling down your battery. Purchase a ventilation stand, and try to avoid playing while charging.

If you do that, your battery’s total temperature should drop. Again, though, there are situations when it’s too late to solve a problem like this, in which case you should just get a new battery.

High Brightness

Your Laptop and phone automatically do this as a part of their power-saving modes, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing it regularly.  When your screen is at full brightness, your battery must work a lot harder to output that light. Turning that brightness down takes a lot of that pressure off the battery, helping it conserve its energy. 

Dimming your brightness also doesn’t provide a slight advantage. There are occasions when it can be the difference between 30 minutes and two full hours of life. Try to reduce your brightness as much as you can. This isn’t always optimal, particularly if you’re playing games and watching television. However, dim the light while you’re surfing to make your battery last two or even three times as long.

Wrong Settings Of System

Changing your system settings is related to our previous discussion about brightness.

Power-saving features are automatically built into your laptop. When you receive a notification and your laptop screen darkens, the threshold for these adjustments to take effect is about 20%.

Most individuals believe that this is merely a low battery alert. They’re mistaken. You may completely customize and take advantage of all the features in this power-saving mode to help you preserve your battery. When the mode activates, what it modifies, and how it prioritizes power-saving above performance are all configurable.

Even some laptops come with built-in sliders that let users fast and easily choose between high performance and extended battery life. When it comes to system settings and battery life, too, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To ensure that you get the most out of your battery charge, there are numerous things to modify.

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How Long Should a Battery Last?

Depending on the type and what you use your laptop for, a full charge of the battery should last anywhere from one to 10 hours. You can often get between 2-4 hours of use out of a single charge for best gaming laptop under 800. Depending on the make and model of your laptop, this may differ.

It may be time for a replacement if you find that you can’t get more than an hour of use out of a full charge, which is a sign of a weak battery.

Can I Use Laptop Without Battery?

You could believe that the solution to all of these problems is as simple as leaving your laptop plugged into its charger while the battery is unplugged. You’re partially right. While it’s true that your laptop will function in this manner without a battery and that your battery won’t be subjected to use-related stress, it’s also a simple way to corrupt and damage your system.

A loose plug is all it takes for the laptop to shut off. The system will perform a hard shutdown if one erroneous move is made. Not only will you lose all of your labor and unsaved game progress, but this could also permanently and irreparably harm your OS and hard drive.

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I hope some of this information was useful to you. Nothing is worse than having a battery that usually lasts four hours dying on you in just one. This advice will ensure that you never have to deal with that problem again.

Preventative methods won’t help your battery much if it is too far gone. Your greatest choice in circumstances like this is a replacement. But since best gaming laptop under 800 batteries are so inexpensive, it might be worse.

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