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An academic research report is used to present detailed research on a specific problem. Most students used these research reports to represent their experiments, research, and surveys. With the help of this report, a student can show his analytical thinking, in-depth knowledge, critical analysis, writing, and communication skills. It is a very important writing part you must complete to obtain your degree with distinction.

Writing an academic research report is not like writing an academic essay. To write a good research report, you must show your greater depth of knowledge, find data through various resources, and run that data through different analyses to obtain research findings. You may be struggling with writing this kind of academic paper. Remember that to precisely write your research report; you must follow some guidelines.

This article will provide a practical guide to writing an academic research report.

What Are The Practical Guidelines For Writing An Academic Research Report?

Select The Best Topic For Your Academic Research Report

The first guideline for writing an academic research report is that you must select the best research topic. For this sake, you should first identify your area of interest. After that, you must select your topic from your interest area. It is because if you select an interesting topic for your research, you will find excitement during the research process and writing.

Another thing you must ensure while selecting the topic for your research report is that you don’t select a topic that is too broad or too narrow. Because if you select a too broad topic for your research, you will find it difficult to collect all the information and include it in your report. And if you select a too-narrow topic for your research, you will struggle to find enough information to complete your research. So, in both cases, you can’t write a good research report. To avoid these problems, you must select a topic that can easily cover the required length of your report.

Identify The Research Question Of Your Academic Research Report

After selecting the best topic for your research report, your next step is identifying the research question. A research question plays an important role in the research. Research is used to give the solution to the specific question. Your complete discussion in the research report will be on the research question with its supporting arguments. Due to its greater importance, you must identify the research question so that you will find a way to answer that question.

It is also important to determine the research question because it helps select the best research methodology.

Select Your Research Methodology

After identifying the research question, you should select the research methodology for your academic research report. The research method will define the sources you use for collecting the data about the topic. You must select the best research method for your research report so that you can come up with accurate data for your research.

Research And Collect Data And Information About The Topic

Once you have selected your research methodology, your next step is to collect the data and information about the topic. A good source of data will help to write a good academic research report. To obtain good grades, you must select various data from various sources. Remember that this data is used to provide the solution to the research question. Due to this, you must collect the data after carefully going through all the sources. Here is the list of different sources that can use for collecting data about the topic:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Scholarly publications
  • Research papers
  • Magazines
  • Dissertations
  • Articles
  • Thesis
  • Government documents

Reading different information and ideas about the topic from these sources will enhance your critical thinking. Because of this, you can easily provide better recommendations on the topic.

Outline Your Academic Research Report

To perfectly write your academic research report, you must create an outline. This outline will help you write your report with a perfect structure. You can easily end up with your research report with the help of this outline. The general outline for a research report should be:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Literature review
  • Introduction
  • Main Body Paragraph
  • Results
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • References

Avoid Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

To perfectly write an academic research report, you must ensure that you are avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes. Having these types of mistakes in your writing will negatively impact your instructor. Due to this, your instructor may give you low grades on your research report.

To prevent and ensure that there is no grammar and spelling mistake in your report, you must read each line after including it. Make sure that you must proofread your research report after its completion so that you confirm that it is perfectly written with no mistakes.

Avoid Plagiarism

It would be best if you avoided plagiarism in your academic research report. You must submit a unique research report so that you can obtain good grades in it. Plagiarism in your writing will stand you in a serious problem. Your instructor may cancel your research report if he finds any percentage of plagiarism in it.

To ensure that there is no plagiarism in your writing, you must first paraphrase the collected information and then include it in your report. You should also add references at the end of your report. It will help to prevent plagiarism.

You Should Take Academic Report Help

Writing an academic research report is not so simple. However, if you can’t write a perfect research report, you must buy it from a trustable academic writing service such as The Academic Papers UK. This service has assisted many students in writing their research reports. This service can help you obtain good grades by submitting an excellent written research report.


You must obtain the task of writing a research report during your higher studies. Most students find writing their research reports difficult but can’t do this. Writing an academic research report is quite difficult. You must follow some guidelines to perfectly write your research report.

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